Brooklyn has been heavily involved with aviation services for more than 25 years and has delivered on significant contracts on runways at Dublin Airport, Shannon Airport, Cork Airport, Kerry Airport and Waterford Airport as well as abroad at airports in The Maldives and Sierra Leone.  In September 2016 Brooklyn was awarded the contract for the complete electrical aeronautical ground lighting (AGL) works associated with the pavement overlay of the main 10-28 runway at Dublin Airport.

Brooklyn specializes in all aspects of electrical installations associated with the aviation sector. In particular, we have significant experience with AGL.  We also specialize in aircraft stand high mast lighting installations and have performed a number of these both in Ireland and overseas.  We have also completed electrical installations associated with flight navigation systems, instrumentation landing systems, Doppler VORs, approach lighting systems, aircraft ground power units, airport flight information and display systems (FIDS), airfield HT/LT substations and associated standby generators, helipads and complete airfield lighting control systems.

Aviation Services

This section highlights just some of the Aviation Electrical Services and products we offer. Please contact us if there are any other specific areas you have queries about. 

AGL Installations

We have carried our Aeronautical Ground Lighting system installations both at various airports in Ireland and abroad. Our services cover lighting systems to areas of the airfield including runways, taxiways, aprons and including the following system components:

  • Approach & PAPI
  • Runway Threshold
  • Runway EndRunway Edge (including elevated)
  • Stopbar lighting
  • Runway Guard lighting
  • Runway Incursion Prevention
  • Taxiway Centerline & Edge
  • Taxiway Guidance Signage
  • Obstruction & Obstacle Lighting
  • Portable systems

We have developed a great deal of experience in the installation and maintenance of the above systems and have successfully completed installations including the above systems on live operational airfields. In the past we have worked with manufacturers such as ADB and Thorn Lighting and are familiar with most of the leading manufactures AGL systems and fittings. 

AGL Cabling

Almost more important than the lighting units on the airfield is the electrical cabling supporting them. Our engineers and technicians have a huge amount of experience in installing, terminating, and testing both Primary (FLYCY) circuits, and Secondary Circuits including ring-core transformers and primary & secondary cable connector kits. 

We have also carried our the coring, drilling, saw cutting, and back filling works associated with AGL installations has have our own coring, cutting, and drilling equipment to ensure that we offer our customers a complete service with clear lines of responsibility which ensures that these sensitive and critical projects are carried our with the absolute minimum of incidence.

High Mast Lighting

Along with Lighting and Electrical systems associated with Runways and Taxiways, we also install services associated with Aircraft Stands and Apron areas including High Mast Lighting. The  installations include Mast and Luminaire installation complete with pullies, winches, etc, Power Supplies and circuit protection, local earthing and Lightning Protection, and Obstruction / Obstacle Lighting. 

To ensure that lighting on the Aircraft Stands and Apron areas meets the specified requirements, we carry out full lighting surveys with AutoCAD output reports and drawings detailing the various achieved lighting levels around the installation area. This ensures that the lighting installation matches the lighting design in ensuring a functional and safe installation. 

Ground Power & Equipment Installations

To complement our lighting and control installations, we also supply and install Ground Power, Electrical Distribution, and Circuit Control Equipment to suit the specific needs of each applications. These installations range from Ground Power Unit installations at Aircraft Stands, Constant Current Regulators for Lighting series circuits, and Electrical Distribution panels and switchgear. 

We have successfully completed Air Side Substation installations which included critical equipment such as Standby Generators, Communications Equipment including Fiber Optics, Electrical Distribution Switchgear including High Voltage works, and Environmental systems such as critical air conditioning and heating of these equipment rooms.

We have also installed electrical and communications network cabling to other more bespoke and specialist systems on the airfield including weather stations, control towers and radar stations, and Airfield Access Control systems. 

Navigation Systems

We have installed electrical services supplying critical Airfield navigation systems in international airports both in Ireland and overseas. These have included electrical, instrumentation, control, and communications cabling networks to systems such as Doppler VOR (VHF Omni Range) navigation aids, ILS (Instrumentation Landing Systems), and Altimeters. 

We have worked closely with specialist manufactures and installers of these systems and have developed a good understanding of the level of performance required from the electrical and communications systems supporting them. This coupled with our vast experience working on live and operational airfields, while ensuring that operational and health & safety procedures are complied with, ensures that our customers receive the most effective AGL installations available. 


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