Guinness Storehouse New Gravity Bar Project

Guinness Storehouse Gravity Bar Project

The Storehouse is a building which is very close to our hearts here in Brooklyn Engineering. We are very proud to say that we have been working in St. James Gate Brewery for over 40 years now and were the main electrical contractor onsite when the old fermentation plant was redeveloped into what is now known as the Guinness Storehouse. Since the original development of The Storehouse we have been involved in many projects to update the features within. We have always looked at the Storehouse as a unique opportunity to showcase our work to the world. So, we were very happy to be chosen by Diageo to develop the new Gravity Bar.

The job itself was a huge undertaking for everyone involved, as the building would remain open to the general public as one of the country’s leading tourist attractions, for the entire duration of the job. As you can imagine Diageo wanted this to be the new showpiece to this amazing building, so no expense was spared. In order to achieve this brief the lighting system installed was state of the art with custom made lights and together with Michael Grubb studio we delivered this on time and on budget.

The work didn't stop there, we also installed a brand new kitchen and bespoke toilet facility on the fifth floor to serve the gravity bar.

Another major milestone in the project was the delivery of a new generator which will provide back up power for the entire Storehouse, meaning that business operations can continue without interruption, in the case of a power failure.

Phase two of the project was The Hub Building.

The Hub Building is a new four storey staff and storage facility which stands proudly alongside the Storehouse. The Hub was built to make life a little bit more comfortable for the staff of the Storehouse. It provides them with new toilets, locker and shower rooms and a fabulous new canteen. The building also provides Storehouse with a new keg storage area and an archive storage area. Together with PJ Hegarty's we completed this phase of the project on time and on budget. 

The key elements of this project for Brooklyn Engineering are as follows:

  • Installation of Siemens addressable fire alarm system.

  • Installation of Intelligent LED lighting system.

  • Installation of intruder alarm system.

  • Commscope fibre and data network installation.

  • CCTV Installation

  • Building Management System

  • General Services installation

  • AV Installation

  • Door access control network

  • Fire Damper control system

  • Generator Installation

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