Our Policies

Quality Policy

Our quality management system is integral to driving superior customer satisfaction. We recognise that in order to create the most value for our clients, we must ensure that quality is delivered at every level of our operations. Our management system is audited on a regular basis, both internally and externally, and project specific quality plans help us to address all dimensions of quality including performance, conformance, reliability, and service ability. We maintain ISO9001:2015 accreditation and work closely with our auditors to continually improve our quality management system.

Health & Safety Policy

Our main priority, among all others, is to provide our employees with a safe and comfortable place to work. It is our ethos that a safe employee is a productive employee. And productive employees’ delivery quality services to our customers. This link between Health and Safety and company performance is integral in ensuring that we continually exceed our obligations. We are continually audited at every level within our company by our external Health and Safety Auditors which ensures not only our compliance with current legislation but also the appropriate level of agility in order to meet project and client specific Health & Safety requirements.

Environmental & Sustainability Policy

We know our actions impact the environment. We also know that greater value can be delivered to our clients when we actively manage the energy we consume and the materials we expend. Our environmental and sustainability policy focuses on the aspects of our business where sensible management of our operations result in a more sensible use of our resources. We take this social obligation to the very core of our business and strive to ensure that in delivering projects to our customers, we make as little impact on the environment as possible.

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