TEGG Service

TEGG Service is the most advanced and comprehensive energised testing solution on the market. Giving the opportunity to see how a facility's electrical distribution system is functioning under normal operational load.

Brooklyn Engineering are the exclusive provider of TEGG Service in Ireland.

TEGG Service works with facilities worldwide to prevent unplanned downtime and protect employees from dangerous electrical hazards.  TEGG Service is a tried and tested solution, used by companies all around the world.

TEGG Service Contractors are focused on protecting commercial properties, industrial facilities, educational institutions, data centers, and healthcare facilities from electrical hazards and interruptions in electrical service.  Contractors in our network understand the challenges faced, and can provide unique solutions.

Brooklyn Engineering also provice a range of additional testing solutions such as peroidic inspection (fixed wire testing, PAT testing, emergence lighting testing etc...

Why use TEGG services?

TEGG is the world leading provider in Energised Electrical Maintenance, using the most advanced equipment on the market to view, diagnose and predict weaknesses in building electrical infrastructures.

By carrying out TEGG Service you will:

  • Increase overall reliability

  • Risk Transfer

  • Prevent electrical & IT systems failures.

  • Prevent business outages.

  • Prevent electrical fires.

  • Prevent early failure of equipment.

  • Reduce utility costs.

  • Provide a safe and healthy working environment.

  • Recieve a comprehensive Electrical Installation Condition Report.

  • Comply with Irish legislation relating to electrical testing (Safety Health and Welfare at Work Act).

  • Test in accordance with NFPA 70e guidelines.

For more information or to arrange an exploratory meeting:

Contact: Alan Smith

Phone: 087 365 5377

Email: alan.smith@brooklyn.ie

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